Scopeworker digitalizes field services for critical infrastructure

With Scopeworker, enterprises instantly digitalize their critical infrastructure field services. Live analytics replace human friction across silos to seamlessly automate the procurement, management and payment of field services. The end-to-end automation optimizes significant cost, time and scale efficiencies.

Scopeworker platform



Replace human friction with live analytics that automate decision making across silos




XX% savings 

For OpEx procurement, IoT connected infrastructure self-procures and dispatches the most efficient supplier service crew. POs and contracts are automated. For CapEx, suppliers can build and price their own milestone scopes of work in the real-time RFx Bidding suite.



XX% increased productivty  

The supplier’s ‘uberized workforce’ is auto-engaged as an IoT end-node. The automated procurement alerts the worker’s app and guides the worker step-by-step through the task (MOP) to onsite close-out and live buyer acceptance.



Live transparency

From a national program to an individual contract line item, live transparency enables stakeholders to strategically manage the end-to-end project lifecycle. Projected vs actual milestones, budgets, assets, SLAs, worker productivity and more.



Next day payments

Milestones, Purchase Orders, Goods Received and Invoice Received are auto-reconciled while the supplier is onsite. Suppliers can be paid one-day after construction complete. In competitive markets next day payments attracts suppliers.


Increase workforce productivity

Scopeworker engages the workforce as an IoT end-node.  Workers are auto-guided step-by-step through complex tasks. Close-out and acceptance is done from the site. Milestones, Purchase Orders, Goods Received and Invoice Received are also auto-reconciled while the supplier's worker is onsite. Productivity is real-time linked to the ERP.  

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Directions & Biometric Security

Method of Procedure with Video Support

Onsite Change Orders (with A.I.)

Closeout Package (with A.I.)

Buyer Acceptance (with A.I.)



End-to-end transparency enables real-time decision making

From an individual site to a national overview, end-to-end automation enables end-to-end transparency. Stakeholders manage exceptions with live procurement, financial and productivity analytics.

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Scopeworker screenshot of dashboard analytics

Case Study

Double-digit percentage savings

"Scopeworker is automating double-digit percentage savings for Sprint's mutli-billion dollar 5G procurement spend"

Cyril Pourrat
Chief Procurement Officer

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Sprint Scopeworker


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