Live manage supplier service execution

Seamlessly connect supplier workforce productivity to SLAs, procure-to-pay and more


Increase productivity by >10%

Field Force Mgmt

The live, field force app guides to first time right and live closeout.

Manage by Exception

Market managers engage live analytics to manage by exception.

Live Close Out

Live closeout acceptance auto reconciles invoices for approval.

Change Orders

Buyers real-time accept / reject change orders from worksites.


Real time manage project deliverables


Financial Management

Live track the true cost a program at a site, market or national level.  Or at a supplier or field tech. Cross reference w/ live milestones.


Intuitive templates build conditional workflows for detailed field data capture. Design project workflows as you need it to be designed.

Close Out Package

Field techs complete close out whilst onsite.  Buyer and / or supplier can accept in real time or a later date.

Program Management

Real time, full lifecycle management of high-volume infrastructure projects. Intuitive templates, trackers and analytics.

Milestone Management

Buyer and supplier can each  create scopes of work that include timing, hard and soft cost milestones, financials, SLAs, materials and more.

Workforce Management

Edit existing catalogs or use intuitive templates to simplify the creation of new catalogs. Suppliers can edit, validate and add to catalogs.

Scopeworker Execute

Engage the supplier's field force as an IoT end node

OSS Check-In & Out

Supplier field techs working on site, real-time check-in and check-out of the OSS/RAN or Transport network.

Method of Procedure

Workflow task guidance to first time right on the field tech's ‘bring your own device’

Digital Twin

3D photogrammetry provide field force intricate digital twins of assets with 3D views and measurements.

OSS  Performance

Live network performance monitoring tracks OSS/RAN and Transport fault detection and KPI degradation.

Live Streaming Video

Buyer and Supplier management (desktop) can live video field techs (app). Ideal for first time right close out acceptance.  

Change Orders

Live change order processing from the on site tech. Approvals and rejections can be live, delayed or automated.

IoT Track & Trace

Engage live data feeds from any IoT connected asset or hardware. Track locations, status and more.

Offline Mode

When in poor network coverage the app works offline.  It automatically updates the platform when its next in coverage. 


Human in the loop automation of the field force's work site field force deliverables.

Our field force app streamlines accounts payable

Is your accounts payable team wasting time reconciling PO-based invoices, approving non-standard invoices, and processing exceptions? Approving the field force closeout auto reconciles an invoice and streamlines the AP process with full audit trails through to payment.


Digital Twin for office-based managers & the field force

Before work commences, review intricate digital twin images and detailed measurements.  Ideal for lease validation, pre / post construction audits and engineering reports.


IoT connected assets auto procure & dispatch services

By connecting Scopeworker to IoT connected infrastructure, alarms self source, procure and dispatch optimal supplier crews and / or Robots as a Service (RaaS). IoT automated procurement includes POs, work orders, milestones and SLAs. Workflows guide to closeout, auto-reconciled invoices and payment.


Real-time reporting pushes updates to market managers 

Milestone progression

Supplier productivity

Predictive SLA breaches

Field force geo-tracking

Change Order requests

Site or regional CapEx and OpEx changes

Milestone completions


Build & execute build & maintenance workflows

Automate complex workflow processes

Orchestrate & interconnect multiple milestones 

Assign multiple suppliers to individual sections of scope

Link milestones to close-out & financial coding

Scopeworker Workflows is highly customizable

Live analytics to manage by exception

Live intelligence on every aspect of the supplier's service enables real-time, informed decision-making. Drill down to a single, line-item deliverable at a work site to explore live, second-by-second analysis of interconnected milestones, SLAs and financials. Scale-up to live reports on national budget.


Live geospatial data reveals hidden relationships

Powerful, multi-supplier maps and location analytics reveal real-time, geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships. Quickly visualize live and historical geo-tracking of multiple suppliers; where are they, what's been done, how well it's being done?