Use Scopeworker as a digitalization layer over the top of the ERP

ERPs are the financial backbone of any enterprises, but they were never designed to reach into the day-to-day business.  A seamless integration into Scopeworker retains the historical cost and effort invested into the ERP whilst bringing it up-to-date with Industry 4.0 automation.  

SAP logo

Real-time extend SAP into the lifecycle of supplier field services

Real-time extend SAP Hana, Ariba and other SAP applications into the business. Real-time connecting the supplier's milestone deliverable to the Purchase Order created in SAP means no manual reconciliation of milestones, goods received and invoice received.  Scopeworker helps SAP customers in any critical infrastructure industry improve efficiency and agility, reduce costs, and capture new market opportunities.

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Increase productivity and automation with Oracle integrations

Scopeworker seamlessly connects to Oracle products such as Peoplesoft to automate optimal business processes.  With a Scopeworker integration 'human in the loop' automation automatically updates Oracle modules including Financials, Revenue Management, Accounting, Project Management, Procurement, Risk Management, Order Management and Inventory.

Microsoft Dynamics logo

Connect Dynamics 365 to IoT connected infrastructure

Integrate Scopeworker into the line of Microsoft Dynamics' ERP and CRM applications to enable real time automation.  Integrate Scopeworker into Dynamics 365 to real-time connect your ERP to supplier milestones completion, invoice reconciliation and IoT connected infrastructure.  Integrate Scopeworker into the Dynamics 365 Field Service to extend field service management to supplier field forces.