Scopeworker Procure

Procure-to-Pay designed  for services, not just goods

Buyer and supplier co-build scopes with line-item financials, workflows and milestones. Location-based financial coding enables bulk purchase orders across 10,000s of work sites.

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Leading Procure-to-Pay platforms are built for goods, not services

The world's leading Procure-to-Pay, eProcurement and eSourcing platforms were originally built for goods, not services.  This is a problem for enterprises as services differ fundamentally from goods;  services require data for workflows, procedures, timelines, resources, SLAs and location-based accounting.  When procuring services with a traditional procure-to-pay platform enterprises users must use Excel and email to manage around the platform's inefficiencies. This human friction subsequently prevents procurement from being ever being included in a digitalized workflow and drives inefficiencies.


Procure-to-Pay Built for Services


Create and track live RFx sourcing events for services, indirect materials and direct materials from a marketplace of approved suppliers.


Buyer and supplier can each  create scopes of work that include timing, hard and soft cost milestones, financials, SLAs, materials and more.


Edit existing catalogs or use intuitive templates to simplify the creation of new catalogs. Suppliers can edit, validate and add to catalogs.

Financial Coding

Financial coding is automated to site I.D.s, including commodity, G.L., company and UNSPSC codes. Also, WBS elements.


Real-time Sealed, Reverse and Forward auctions designed specifically for critical infrastructure services.  

Direct Awards

Market managers can award Work Orders and Purchase Orders to a supplier of their choice with or without a catalog.


Live data automates optimal; procurement decisions. When connected to IoT / 5G field force can can be auto dispatched.

Work Orders

Select what you want in your Work Order; PO, milestones, financials, S.L.A.s, resources, materials and more.


Live verification of Supply Chain Risk Management, including supplier insurance
warranty, safety and licenses.


Auto-generate bulk purchase requisitions across 10,000s of work locations, each automatically attached to a catalog, PO and work Order.



Simplify the  complexity of sourcing critical infrastructure services

Scopeworker Procure enables procurement departments to negotiate best-value sourcing agreements from an automated marketplace of approved suppliers.  Built to simplify the  complexity of sourcing critical infrastructure field services, Scopeworker Procure also makes light work of direct and indirect materials sourcing.  Expedite creation, monitoring and awarding of request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) sourcing events.  Scopeworker's friendly, intuitive and easy to use interface streamlines the sourcing process to help expedite sourcing savings. 



Buyer and supplier co-build intricate field services scopes with ease

Scopeworker Procure is built by critical infrastructure field services experts who understand the importance of scoping.  Scopeworker Procure supports the iterative back-and-forth between the buyer and supplier to agree intricate details around timelines, deliverables, resources, SLA's and milestones.  Tweak scopes per the individual supplier strengths and compare pricing with deliverables.  Seamlessly connect scopes to automated financial coding for bulk purchase orders and field force execution workflows. 



IoT  & 5G automated procurement and dispatch of maintenance services

For high-volume, repetitive operations and maintenance, Scopeworker automates optimal sourcing and procurement directly from IoT, RAN (wireless) or Transport (broadband) signals.  Within milliseconds of a hardware or software alarm, Scopeworker auto-procures and dispatches the suppliers field force with an executed purchase order and work order.  Procurement is automated by live and historical analytics of the suppliers cost, time and quality.



Automated tracking & auditing of supplier risk compliance

Real-time verify and track supply chain risk management (SCRM) documentation; legal and industry specific certifications, insurance, health and safety, warranties and more. This ensures all automated procurement of supplier services is done so compliantly.  If a supplier is out of compliance stakeholders are notified and the supplier may be unable to receive work.  Automated SCRM results in reduced Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) and the number of flagged suppliers decline. For warranties, repeat offending suppliers of the costs associated with no fault found’ (NFF) on Return Materials Authorization (RMA) can be automatically charged back. Skill verification is also tracked at the supplier’s workforce level to ensure the right employee is assigned the right task.



The scalable  marketplace creates double digit percentage savings

Scopeworker's auto-scalable marketplace lowers the barrier of entry for small and medium sized suppliers to provide services - en masse - directly to the enterprise buyer.  This supported by Scopeworker's supply chain financing program, Same Day Pay.  Compared to tier 1 and 2 suppliers, the engagement of small and medium sized creates double-digit percentage savings on multi-billion dollar field services spend and leverages the competitiveness of larger suppliers. The live automation also enables unlimited, real-time discount and surge pricing adjustments.



Track, notify & enforce the measurable metrics of supplier-agreed SLAs

Volume, quality, speed or cost.  Scopeworker automatically tracks, notifies and enforces measurable metrics of the supplier-agreed SLAs.  SLA commitments are easily defined, configured and automatically benchmarked. Real-time SLA compliance and trending automates intelligent routing of business decisions and feeds future automated work awards. Automation enforces SLA commitments so stakeholders need only engage when notifications inform of a real-time or predictive SLA failure.