Scopeworker Procure

Automate double-digit percentage savings



Beyond Legacy ERP Procure-to-Pay Software

Scopeworker goes beyond legacy ERP procure-to-pay software by real-time tracking the supplier's true cost, quality & cycle time. Removing the human friction between Procure-to-Pay and milestone management automates double-digit percentage savings.


Automation enables double-digit percentage savings


An IoT Automated Marketplace for OpEx Procurement

For high-volume, repetitive operations and maintenance tasks, Scopeworker automates procurement directly from any IoT device.  IoT connected infrastructure auto-procures it's own operations and maintenance serves for hardware and software faults.  Within milliseconds of an IoT alarm Scopeworker auto-procures and dispatches the suppliers workforce and executes a PO and contract.  

An RFx Bidding Suite for CapEx Procurement

Scopeworker's programmatic RFx Bidding Suite enables both buyers and suppliers to adjust prices and scope at any time. For one off CapEx programs, projects and contacts Scoperworker's RFx Bidding Suite enables supplier's to real-time edit the buyer's scope of work at a line item level. Therefore, if a supplier can complete the buyer's milestone in a more efficient method of procedure the cost, time and quality benefits are transparent to the buyer. Other live features include: Supplier Discounts, Buyer Surge Pricing, Spot Reverse Auction, Grouped Awards (geography / scope), Time Sensitive Awards and Nearest Supplier Awards.

Supplier Discounts

Suppliers can increase the frequency of automated operations and maintenance awards by reducing their price at anytime and without any involvement of the buyer. The analytics of the supplier's performance automate future procurement decisions. A supplier's real-time discount at any time is the only guaranteed way a buyer knows they have received the very best market price from their suppliers. No action is required from the buyer to create the discounts. 

End-to-End Transparency
Manual interaction with disconnected platforms across silos creates friction and low visibility. Scopeworker's one-platform for all stakeholders creates automation, cross silo collaboration and end-to-end transparency. This enables Scopeworker to go beyond legacy ERP and VMS software by real-time tracking the true cost, quality and timeline of the supplier's deliverable.
Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Scopeworker's automated Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)  is a by-product of the platform's digitalized workflow.  Templates enable an intuitive creation and automated management of the CLM. Upon contract award Scopeoworker live tracks all associated contract SLAs and milestones allowing buyers to automate a 'comply as you buy' process thus limiting liability and aligning with legal compliance.  Contracts are seamlessly synchronized with all elements of the suppliers deliverables and end-to-end business process.  Stakeholders engage Dashboard Analytics to track the CLM in realtime.

Automated Scale Democratizes the Marketplace

Automated procurement and engagement with suppliers enables an automated scale of the marketplace. Furthermore, Scopeworker's intuitive on-boarding and supply chain financing lowers the barrier of entry for 1000's of small companies to compete with larger suppliers. The en masse engagement of small suppliers brings lower prices and leverages the competitiveness of larger suppliers. The live automation also enables unlimited discount or surge pricing adjustments.



Supply Chain Risk Management

Automate on-boarding, tracking & auditing of risk compliance

Supplier Risk Management

Scopeworker on-boards, verifies and automatically tracks supplier risk management documentation; legal and industry specific certifications, insurance, health and safety, warranties and more. This ensures all automated procurement awards to suppliers are done so compliantly. If a supplier is out of compliance stakeholders are notified and the supplier is unable to receive work.

Worker Risk Management
In addition to prequalifying and automatically auditing suppliers risk management , Scopeworker can similarly on-boards and track the supplier's workforce. .Are they qualified to perform the work? Do they have appropriate training? This significantly reduces risk by ensuring only the right workers are performing critical job functions .

Scopeworker automates Warranty verification, tracking, management and renewals. This in turn influences future auto-awards of work to suppliers. Automated warranty tracking mitigates headcount and risk whilst improving quality. Scopeworker can even automatically charge repeat offending suppliers for the costs of no fault found’ (NFF) on Return Materials Authorization (RMA).

Seamless Integration

Digitized risk management automates engagement with the entire supplier base without the need to expand internal resources. No buyer resources are required for on-boarding or ongoing compliance checks. Scopewoker's simplified supplier and worker evaluations are highly customizable. Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) and the number of flagged Suppliers declines. Capability and Qualification compliancy feeds are in real-time. If a supplier or worker is not compliant they will not receive work. Automation simplifies the management of contractual supply chain compliance whilst improving safety and controlling risk.