Scopeworker BI

Live business intelligence enabling management by exception

Drill down to a work site's line-item deliverable to explore interconnected financials, milestones and SLAs.  Scale-up to a national overview.  All of it live. 

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Stream live data from across the ecosystem. To everyone.

Scopeworker BI brings together data from across the Scopeworker ecosystem to empower your people and your suppliers people.  Everywhere. Individual sections of scopes, milestones and BOMs seamlessly connect to OpEX and CapEx financials. Scopeworker BI provides limitless live data exploration.


Live analytics enable management by exception 

Live business intelligence on every aspect of the supplier’s field services lifecycle enables real-time, informed decision-making across the Procurement, Network and Finance silos.  Highly customizable, both first time users and experienced power users can govern exactly how they want to benchmark live data.  Drill down to a single, line-item deliverable at a work site to explore live, second-by-second analysis of an interconnected milestones, SLAs and financials.  Scale-up to a live report of a national budget.  Uncover procurement trends and use the same empirical data to automate future  procurement decisions.