Digitalizing critical infrastructure services

Scopeworker is purpose built to digitalize supplier services for critical infrastructure



Lifecycle automation of supplier services

Scopeworker brings on to one platform the procure-execute-pay lifecycle of engaging complex supplier services for critical infrastructure. The seamless automation drives efficiencies and transparency.


Built for critical infrastructure


Automate construction, operations and maintenance of wireless and wireline networks.


From the plant to end users, automate operations and maintenance field force for transmission, substation and distribution services.

Oil and Gas

Digitalize a full range of oil and gas construction and operations services; pipelines, compressor and pump stations and processing facilities.

Facilities Management

Auto-dispatch and manage end-to-end services. Proactively respond to potential disruptions and manage ongoing, day-to-day services.

First Responders

IoT and AI auto dispatch first responders.  Interoperability enables operations centers to live manage multiple branches of first responders.


Automate services for all modes of transportation. Real-time track and manage suppliers, workers and goods across facilities, routes and end-customers.


At the press of a button automate the optimal sourcing, hiring and paying of medical, free-lance staff without the need for third-party agencies.

Smart Cities

Connect smart city IoT devices to Scopeworker for a comprehensive automation of operations and maintenance services.


Automate engineering, construction and program management workflows for civil infrastructure, building and land development.


    Real time engage every stakeholder

    Empower Market Managers to achieve more and achieve better


    Empower Managers to achieve more and achieve better

    Live field services scoping with suppliers

    Supplier of choice award or live auctions

    Auto-financial coding for auto bulk PRs & POs

    Powerful & intuitive workflow templates

    Live work site milestones & budget tracking

    Work site digital twin

    Live field force management

    Live (or delayed) supplier close out

    Live OSS KPI degradation and fault alarms

    Automated invoice reconciliation
    Optimize field force productivity and increase first time right ratios


    Optimize field force productivity, increase first time right ratios

    Live OSS Check-In / Out

    Health, safety & security

    Step-by-step workflows

    Multi-supplier work site collaboration

    Work site digital twin

    Asset tracking

    Streaming video

    Live OSS KPI degradation & fault alarms

    Live change order approval / rejection

    Live (or delayed) close out acceptance
    An automated ecosystem that drives a better run business


    Automate supplier ecosystems, drive a better run business

    Double-digit % decrease in cost of business

    Double-digit % Iincrease in productivity

    Increased infrastructure resiliency

    Live network KPI degradation

    Live financial, milestone and supplier BI

    120+ day payment terms increases cash flow

    All supplier invoices in one, monthly invoice