Project Management

Create, build and manage an automated service supply chain

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Project Management

Build an automated supply chain, simply

Simply create an automated service supply chain with intuitive drag and drop templates.  Build schedules, complex milestones, budgets and much more.  Designed to make you work better and your life that much easier.

Project Planning

Everything you need bring 'uberization' to enterprise

Commoditizing Deliverables

Drivers are the identification and translation of milestone scope of work (SOW) deliverables. They are pre-defined line-item requirements, workforce procedures and authorizations. They are attached to the pricing and project budget. Drivers bring uniformity of pricing and tasks across regions. By commoditizing the deliverable the automated marketplace now competes for the best price, quality and timeline.

Automate Quality

To optimize quality, Drivers seamlessly automate with Risk Management and Workflow Management. Suppliers and their workers are automatically tracked, measured and held accountable to the Driver deliverables and SLAs. Stakeholders engage the live Analytics Dashboards to manage exceptions.

Simplifying Complexity

Scopeworker’s Drivers enables the assigning of multiple suppliers to individual complex drivers, BOM (bill of materials) and work awards for automated purchase orders and change order request and execution.

Contract Lifecycle Management

An automated CLM is a by-product of an 'uberized' supply chain

An Integrated CLM

Upon Driver creation, Milestones and SLAs are automatically tracked, approved, negotiated and signed. Scopeworker automatically authors and executes one-click e-signatures from Suppliers.

Comply as you Buy

Automation allows buyer’s to automate a 'comply as you buy'.   This limits liability, aligns with legal compliance and increases profits.

Frictionless Efficiencies

Frictionless efficiencies are realized through auto-negotiated pricing, auto-executed contracts and seamless SLA integration into the end-to-end business process.  They eliminate human touchpoints, data entry error and enable contracting in milliseconds.

Seamless Syncronization

Contracts are seamlessly synchronized with risk management, productivity and SLAs acriss end-to-end business process.  Stakeholders engage Dashboard Analytics to track in realtime.

Workflow Management System

Guarantee The Best Market Price. Everyday.

Drag and Drop

Easily build, execute and monitor entire workflows with an intuitive, drag and drop process. Multiple workflows are easily orchestrated and interconnected. The platform optimizes the most cost-effective workflow solution.

One Milestone. Multiple Suppliers.

Multiple suppliers can be assigned to individual sections of complex drivers, BOMs (bill of materials) and work awards.

Automate Decision-Making

Touchless, automated workflows replace the friction of human interaction. Automated, exception-based approval routing optimizes best decision making. Stakeholders track milestones, SLAs and productivity with real time Dashboard Analytics.



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