Risk Management

Industry specific onboarding, tracking and auditing of supplier and worker compliance

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Risk Management

Automation simplifies risk management

Seamless integration of live supplier and worker risk management. Country and industry-specific onboarding, tracking and auditing of compliance, insurance, safety, warranty and more.

Capability & Qualification

Seamlessly Integrate Real-Time Risk Management

100% Automated

Digitized risk management automates engagement with the entire supplier base without the need to expand internal resources. No buyer resources are required for on-boarding or ongoing compliance checks.


Decreases Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) and the number of flagged Suppliers declines.

Customizable Evaluations

Scopewoker's simplified supplier and worker evaluations are highly customizable.

Real Time Management

Capability and Qualification compliancy feeds are in real-time. If a supplier or worker is not compliant they will not receive work.


Automating compliance into procurement reduces cost & risk

Automation Mitigtes Risk

Scopeworker regulatory compliance automates pre-qualification document management, on-going auditing, employee-level qualification and insurance verification.

Multiple Industries

Automated regulatory oversight zvailabke in 120 countries for multiples industries: Construction, Chemical, Manufacturing Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Facilities Management, Telecommunications, Utilities / Energy and Transportation.

Lowers Cost

Automating regulatory compliance negates the need for a dedicated team.

Simplified Management

Automation simplifies the management of contractual supply chain compliance whilst improving safety and controlling risk.


Automated verification, tracking, management and renewal

Verify, Track and Renew

Scopeworker automates Warranty and Entitlements verification, tracking, management and renewals. This in turn influences future auto-awards of work to suppliers.

No Fault Found

Scopeworker automatically charges repeat offending suppliers for the costs  of no fault found’ (NFF) on Return Materials Authorization (RMA).

Automated Scale

Automated warranty tracking mitigates headcount and risk whilst improving quality.


Industry specific risk management for suppliers and workers in 120 countries



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