An Industry 4.0 Service Supply Chain

Industry 4.0 transforms the way enterprises manage supply chains


Enterprise service supply chains are grossly inefficient

Inefficient Procurement

Human friction and inefficient human decision-making across silos and supply chain layers.

Low Workforce Productivity

Manual communication & processes across subcontractor layers creates low worker visibility & engagement.

Lack of Transparency

Siloed stakeholders manually engage disconnected ERPs, platforms and personal tools.  This creates unstructured data, decentralized communication and low visibility.

Limited Scale 

Scalability is limited by numbers of people.


Scopeworker's end-to-end automation optimizes efficiencies

30% Procurement Savings *

Analytics automate optimal procurement strategy. Purchase orders, contracts and payments are executed in milliseconds.

30% Increased Productivity *

Scopeworker engages the workfroce in an 'IoT End Node' Auto task guidance and acceptance.

100% Transparency

End-to-end automation enables end-to-end transparency and total control. Stakeholders real-time manage exceptions with procurement, productivity & budget analytics.

100% Automted Scale

Automated supplier and worker engagement removes the need for subcontractor layering. Technology automates scalability. Intuitive onboarding lowers the barrier of entry for small companies and skilled gig-workers to compete with large suppliers.

* Percentage as an average per industry trials.  Percentage may be less or more.  See Sprint case study.  Learn More >   


One platform, all stakeholders


Automated efficiencies


Instantly digitalize your critical infrastructure build and maintenance today