Proof of concepts are inexpensive and can be set-up in matter of weeks

Scopeworker can operate as a standalone platform or integrated into enterprise SaaS and ERPs.  Scopeworker's stand alone functionality means proof of concepts are inexpensive and can be set-up in matter of weeks.  Results are transparent and live so customers can make an informed decision to move forward.

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Scopeworker is built for industry

Scopeworker for Telecommunications


Automate construction, operations and maintenance of wireless and wireline networks.

Scopeworker for Utilities


From the plant to end users, automate operations and maintenance field force for transmission, substation and distribution services.

Scopeworker for Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Digitalize a full range of oil and gas construction and operations services; pipelines, compressor and pump stations and processing facilities.

Scopeworker for Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Auto-dispatch and manage end-to-end services. Proactively respond to potential disruptions and manage ongoing, day-to-day services.

Scopeworker for  First Responders

First Responders

IoT and AI auto dispatch first responders.  Interoperability enables operations centers to live manage multiple branches of first responders.

Scopeworker for Logistics


Automate services for all modes of transportation. Real-time track and manage suppliers, workers and goods across facilities, routes and end-customers.

Scopeworker for Healthcare


At the press of a button automate the optimal sourcing, hiring and paying of medical, free-lance staff without the need for third-party agencies.

Scopeworker for Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Connect smart city IoT devices to Scopeworker for a comprehensive automation of operations and maintenance services.

Scopeworker for Construction


Automate engineering, construction and program management workflows for civil infrastructure, building and land development.


Wireless carriers can monetize 5G with  services marketplace revenue

By providing Scopeworker and 5G to enterprise customers, wireless carriers can provide services marketplaces that are  automated off the back of 5G connectivity.  This increases revenue for customers and creates new, recurring revenue streams fo the wireless carrier.

Scopeworker Procure


Market managers and suppliers build line-item priced scopes of work with milestones, materials, financials, SLAs and more. Work is awarded to a supplier of choice, auctioned or automated. No financial coding is required for PRs, POs or post invoicing.  Bulk PRs / POs are automated across 1000s of work sites.

Scopeworker Execute, Network, BI

Execute, Network, BI

The app guides the supplier's field force to close-out and live acceptance. Features includes OSS check-in / out, workflows, digital twin, change ordering & network monitoring. The Buyer and Supplier live manage the work site's field force, network performance, milestones, financials and SLAs.

Scopeworker Pay


Invoice reconciliation is automated from the acceptance of the supplier's live close-out package. Invoices can be approved on the day of construction complete, partially approved pending soft cost approvals or delayed pending alarm free status. Same Day Pay is available to suppliers.