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The car service, Uber, could operate their entire business on Scopeworker.  Equally, Scopeworker's intuitive templates provide an instant and simplified digitalization of complex services across multiple industries.  The platform is highly adaptable to services scopes of work. In all use cases, the complexity of deep industry verticals are simplified by Scopeworker's automation enabling optimized efficiencies and real-time management by exception.

TelecomScopeworker has saved double-digit % savings on the the construction of mutli-billion dollar 5G networks in the U.S. The savings also apply to network operations and maintenance. Facilities Mgmt Scopeworker automates dispatch and management of end-to-end facilities services. Proactively respond to potential disruptions and manage ongoing, day-to-day services. Oil & GasScopeworker supports a full range of oil and gas construction and operations services. Areas include pipelines, compressor and pump stations and processing facilities. Electrical UtilitiesFrom the plant to end users, automate operations and maintenance crews for transmission, substation and distribution services. Security Services Automate live dispatch & management of security response and patrol services. Enhance with real-time integration to AI camera vision and IoT technology to the ecosystem of suppliers, workers, clients and monitoring centers. Logistics Scoperworker automates services for all modes of transportation and diverse supply chain solution management. Real-time track and manage suppliers, workers and goods across facilities, routes and end-customers. Healthcare ServicesAt the press of a button automate the hiring and on-going management of the most efficient medical and medical free-lance workers The automated marketplace directly engages workers without the need for third-party agencies. Smart CitiesConnect a network of smart city IoT devices to Scopeworker for a comprehensive automation of operations and maintenance services to the infrastructure and live support to the population. ConstructionScopeworker supports engineering, construction and program management of civil infrastructure, building, roadway construction and land development.

Extend the value of legacy ERPs

Scopeworker stands alone as an end-to-end solution to procure, manage and pay for field services.  Integrated from end to end, Scopeworker reduces the need to connect to ERP, CRM, and e-commerce applications. However, it can serves as a strategic, digital front-end to legacy ERP systems. Scopeworker integrates into the leading ERPs with minimal resources and can be operational within weeks. Scopeworker's automation replaces human interactions with an ERP so that it becomes an extension of the digitalized supply chain. The seamless integration retains the enterprise's historical cost and effort invested in the ERP whilst bringing it up- to-date with an Industry 4.0 functionality.  ERPs are the financial backbone of all enterprises but were never designed to reach into the business. Digitalize them with Scopeworker.



Prevention, detection, reaction


System Landscape

Scopeworker places utmost importance on the security of our customers’ system landscapes. We have implemented several measures to ensure Scopeworker integrates and runs securely with our customers. The risk of a successful information security attack is not adequately mitigated by merely relying upon countermeasures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security information and event management systems or antivirus software.

Advanced Expertise

Scopeworker supports the securing of multiple tiers of infrastructure security and advanced security expertise can be deployed to support any size infrastructure. We collaborate closely with security companies and experts worldwide to identify vulnerabilities early to keep Scopeworker software secure. We’ve a variety of solutions at differing price points and ensure the cybersecurity strategy is executed alongside that of the Scopeworker implementation.

A Holistic Strategy Securing all Tiers
  1. Security on the technical layer of the information systems in place.
  2. Security along business processes of the organization.
  3. Organizational security as part of an overall GRC framework, including the enablement of staff and third parties