Double-digit percentage savings on billion-dollar budgets

Remove human friction from the silos and supply chain, let live data automate optimal decision-making

Why double-digit percentage savings?

An Auto Scalabe Marketplace

Automation removes the need for layered subcontracting to achieve supplier scale.  Same Day Pay lowers the barrier of entry for cost effective, small suppliers to compete.

Automated Silos

Automation replaces low-cognitive, human administration within the Procurement, Network and Finance silos and across the interconnected service supply chain.

Change Order Mitigation

Suppliers build their own line-item priced scopes of work with inclusions and exclusions.  This mitigates change orders. 

Competitive Bidding

Suppliers competitively bid for build services.  They can reduce maintenance service prices to increase automated ranking for auto-awards.


Beyond legacy Procure-to-Pay software

It is impossible to digitalize supplier services with a procure-to-pay platform because it is disconnected from the execution of the supplier's deliverables. By incorporating the supplier's execution, Scopeworker provides an automation of the Procure-Manage-Pay lifecycle.  Procure-Manage-Pay removes the human friction - keyboards, Excel and email - that connects legacy procure-to-pay platforms with the dozens of disconnected platforms used to manage and accept supplier deliverables.  


Double-digit percentage savings from the auction process alone

For build services and turnkey outsourced programs, suppliers build their own line-item priced scopes of work.  This mitigates changes orders.  It also allows buyers to compare at a line-item level competing scopes.  The suppliers then bid against the ceiling of the buyer's - location-based - catalogue price.  This process consistently creates double-digit percentage savings.  


Automate optimal procurement of maintenance services off of IoT, OSS or ML algorithms

For high-volume, repetitive operations and maintenance tasks, Scopeworker automates procurement directly from any IoT or OSS signal.  Within milliseconds of a hardware or software alarm, Scopeworker auto-procures and dispatches the most efficient suppliers workforce with an executed purchase order and work order. Procurement is automated by live and historical analytics of the suppliers cost, time and quality. When cost is a factor, suppliers can increase chances of automated awards by reducing their price without any involvement of the buyer's procurement department. This guarantees the best market price. When needed the buyer can implement surge pricing.


Automated CLM is a by-product of digitalization

Scopeworker's automated Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a by-product of the platform's automation. Templates enable an intuitive creation and an automated 'comply as you buy' process.  This limits liability and aligning with legal compliance. Contracts are seamlessly synchronized with all elements of the suppliers deliverables and end-to-end business process.


The scalable  marketplace creates double digit percentage savings

The auto-scalable marketplace lowers the barrier of entry for small and medium sized suppliers to provide services - en masse - directly to the enterprise buyer.  They are aided by Scopeworker's Same Day Pay. Compared to tier 1 and 2 suppliers, the engagement of small and medium sized creates double-digit percentage savings on multi-billion dollar field services spend and leverages the competitiveness of larger suppliers. The live automation also enables unlimited, real-time discount and surge pricing adjustments.


Automate on-boarding, tracking & auditing of risk compliance

Scopeworker real-time verifies and tracks supplier risk management documentation; legal and industry specific certifications, insurance, health and safety, warranties and more. This ensures all automated procurement of supplier services is done so compliantly.  If a supplier is out of compliance stakeholders are notified and the supplier may be unable to receive work.  Automated SCM results in reduced Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) and the number of flagged suppliers decline. For warranties, repeat offending suppliers of the costs associated with no fault found’ (NFF) on Return Materials Authorization (RMA) can be automatically charged back. Skill verification is also tracked at the supplier’s worker level to ensure the right worker is assigned the right task.