30%+ Procurement Savings

Live analytics automate the entire procurement process

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Procurement Marketplace

Beyond Legacy ERP Sourcing Software

Scopeworker goes beyond legacy ERP sourcing software by real-time tracking the deliverable's true cost, quality and timeline through to automated payment.  Remove friction to automate 30% + procurement savings across an unlimited number of enterprise procurement events. 


Automation Enabling Real-Time Collaboration Across Silos

30% + Procurement Savings

Scopeworker removes the inefficiency and friction of human decision-making. Live and historical analytics automate optimal procurement decisions across an unlimited number of events. On average Scopeworker's automated decision-making creates a 30+ % cost-saving across a billion enterprise procurement spend. 

End-to-End Transparency

Manual interaction with disconnected platforms across silos creates friction and low visibility. Scopeworker's one-platform for all stakeholders creates automation, cross silo collaboration and end-to-end transparency. This enables Scopeworker to go beyond legacy ERP and VMS software by real-time tracking the true cost, quality and timeline of the supplier's deliverable.

Regional vs Central Control

Enterprise procurement departments often struggle to gain control and visibility of regional programs. Scopeworker's transparency allows decentralized markets to have autonomy over their local procurement strategy while allowing centralized procurement total transparency and control. If regions override the platforms decision-making, the transparent history will tell the story.

Democratized Marketplace

Automated procurement enables an automated scale of the marketplace. Scopeworker's intuitive onboarding and supply chain financing lowers the barrier of entry for small companies and skilled gig-workers to compete with large suppliers. Their en masse engagement brings lower prices and leverages the competitiveness of larger suppliers.


Automation Means Finance Departments Focus on Exceptions

Manage by Exception

Finance departments have total transparency of every dollar spent. They manage by exception. Purchase orders and change orders are automated in milliseconds from intital request. They real time align with procurement, invoice management, supplier SLAs and worker productivity. Financial items that require manual review can be defined at a global or commodity level. Non-matching algorithms (e.g. invoices) are routed for review and resolution.

Automate Legacy ERPs

Scopeworker aggregates and automates engagement with ERPs such Oracle and SAP. Removing human friction arounds ERPs extends the supply chain digitization and further enhances supply chain efficiencies. Finance departments now focus on exceptions.

Automate Financial Compliance

Financial compliance requires centralized control with decentralized execution. Scopeworker's fintech enables this. The platform yields business agility, informed purchasing and process efficiency, whilst providing financial oversight and Sarbanes-Oxley audit-ability.

Removing Supplier Barriers

Automated marketplace scalability enables small suppliers and workers to compete within the large suppliers. At the click of a button small companies and gig-workers are able to receive supply chain financing. The financial barrier to entry for enterprise payments terms is now removed so that enterprise buyers can procure form quality suppliers at significantly lower pricing.


Guarantee The Best Market Price with a Market Leader in Bidding Tools

The Bidding Tool Suite

Supplier Discounts Buyer
Surge Pricing
Spot Reverse Auctions
Grouped Award (geography / scope)
Time Sensitive Nearest Supplier

Increase Profit

A smart way to increase profits is to make procurement savings. Scopeworker's suite of programmatic bidding tools enables both buyers and suppliers to adjust bids at any time.

Gurantee The Best Market Price

A supplier’s real-time discount at any time is the only guaranteed way a buyer knows they have received the very best market price from their suppliers. No interaction is ever required from the buyer to create the discounts.

Automated Scale

Automation enables unlimited pricing adjustments with unlimited suppliers. Discount or Surge. Bidding algorithms automatically update the procurement strategy and all other parts of supply chain funtions.


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