Treat infrastructure like software

Live transparency of infrastructure, supplier milestones, financials, contracts, SLAs, workforce productivity and more

Why double-digit percentage increases in workforce productivity?

Live Workforce Management

The workforce app guides to first time right; method of procedure, live change orders, live closeout and more. 

Management by Exception

Stakeholders engage live analytics to manage by exception milestones, financials, SLAs, contracts and workforce.

Live Closeout Acceptance

Automated financial coding means Buyer's real-time accept / reject the supplier's change orders and closeout package.

Auto Invoice Reconciliation

Live closeout acceptance automates invoice reconciliation against Milestones, POs, GRs and IRs. Invoices are instantly  ready for approval.


Engage the workforce as an IoT end-node, increase productivity by double-digit percentages

Scopeworker's workforce app guides worker with a step-by-step method of procedure, through to live close-out package. Upon live buyer acceptance, invoice reconciliation is automated for same day invoice approval (partial of full) and same day pay.  Live video support enables enterprises to consolidate their high-skilled workforce in a WAR Room / NOC environment to support the larger pools of supplier  workforce This maximizes first time right ratios with lower-skilled, cost-effective workforce.The apps are easily customizable and are aided by in-built Machine Learning.

Stakeholders engage live analytics to manage by exception day-to-day activities

Stakeholders strategically engage live analytics to manage by exception their day to day activities.  Live business intelligence on every aspect of the supplier’s field services lifecycle enables real-time, informed decision-making across the Procurement, Network and Finance silos.  Highly customizable, both first time users and experienced power users can govern exactly how they want to benchmark live data.  Drill down to a single, line-item deliverable at a work site to explore live, second-by-second analysis of an interconnected milestones, SLAs and financials.  Scale-up to a live report of a national budget.  Uncover procurement trends and use the same empirical data to automate future  procurement decisions.


Easily build, execute and monitor entire new site build and maintenance workflows

Easily build, execute and monitor entire build and maintenance workflows with Scopeworker's customizable templates.  One time data entry from procurement, network and finance departments goes into Scopeworker's location-based accounting system.  This ties together the work site's line-item deliverables with workforce procedures, approvals and complete financial coding.  Multiple milestone workflows are easily orchestrated and interconnected. Multiple suppliers can be assigned to individual sections of complex scopes, BOMs (bill of materials) and milestones.


Reveal real-time, geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships

Powerful, multi-supplier maps and location analytics reveal crucial, real-time, geospatial information and expose hidden geographic relationships. This makes for better cost-related location decisions. Scopeworker’s advanced geo-analytic mapping supports first time right for multi-supplier worksite deployments. Quickly visualize live and historical geo-tracking of multiple suppliers and workers. See how far away they are from the worksite, how much has been done, how well it’s being done and whether help is required. The high-performance interactive mapping also improves understanding by enabling exploration of all geo information along with any relationships within one map visualization.


Advanced real-time reporting engine pushes updates to any device for live transparency

Notifications are Scopeworker's advanced real-time reporting engine that push updates to any device. It provides updates on supplier and worker productivity, geo-tracking and SLA trending. They enable unlimited transparency with managers whom only need to engage when it matters.  Notifications save costs prior to supplier SLA breaches. They are configurable and sent by default at different instances (e.g.: 50%, 70%, breached). Suppliers are notified beforehand to maintain SLA and milestone metrics.


Automatically track, notify & enforce the measurable metrics of supplier-agreed SLAs

Volume, quality, speed or cost. Whatever the SLA, Scopeworker automatically tracks, notifies and enforces the measurable metrics of the supplier-agreed SLA commitments. SLA commitments are easily defined, configured and automatically benchmarked. Real-time SLA compliance and trending automates intelligent routing of business decisions and feeds future automated work awards. Automation enforces SLA commitments so stakeholders need only engage when notifications inform of a real-time or predictive SLA failure.