Dashboard Analytics

Live analytics designed for all staekholders to collaborate and manage exceptions

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Dashboard Analytics

Insights, instantly

Bring projects to life with end-to-end transparency of every supply chain action. Get a national overview, market budget or drill down to a live second-by-second worker milestone completion. Choose from a selection of pre-populated charts to confidently make informed decisions.

Business Intellgence

Search, explore and receive notifications 

Informed Decisions

Empower your people with easy access to BI and data exploration tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. Scopeworker’s Business Intelligence offers historical and predictive spend analytics, smart data discovery guidance and insights for strategic decisions. Business Intelligence on every aspect of the end-to-end workflow drives, realtime, smarter processes and improved performance.

Boost your organisation’s IQ

Boost your organisation’s collective IQ by providing information to help stakeholders drive smarter processes, improve performance, and become more effective in everything they do. The key benefits include a jump start for real-time decision making; accelerated business performance due to increased speed of transactional information; removed constraints for analyzing large data volumes; trends, operational reporting and fast implementation based on factory approach.

Total Cost Control

Scopewoker’s end–to–end supply chain transparency enables total cost control. Govern cost with the freedom to explore interactive data without being limited to pre-defined questions, wizards or chart types.

Very Large Data Volumes, Organized and Analayzed

End–to-end digitization removes constraints for analyzing very large data volume across all parts off the supply chain. All supply chain data is accessible from any device for seven years.


Analyze, reavel and collaborate

Cost Control

Benchmark dashboard data provides transparency and control over cost. Gain live analysis of Supplier, Sub-vendor and Worker cost across projects, markets, regions and countries. Analyze, reveal collaborate and act.

Instant Insights

Process historical and real-time metadata to gain instant insight into all parts of the business process productivity. Use the same data to predict future productivity and make strategic decisions. Real-time data from Benchmarks drives the automated awarding of future work in milli-seconds.

Easy Drag and Drop

Use Scopeworker’s drag-and-drop dashboard creation to produce and analyze interactive data visualizations from huge data sources. Drill down to the turn of a screw or the tap of a keyboard. Buyers govern exactly how they want to measure the benchmarking.

High Performance, Ease of use.

A good business dashboard informs with a glance. A great business dashboard combines high performance and ease of use to let anybody get data-driven answers any any scale. Scopewoker’s Benchmarks enable pinpoint analysis at a limitless scale. Search, explore and easily understand vast amounts of your data.

Workforce Productivity

Get answers, fast

Informed Decision Making

Real-time productivity transparency enables efficiency driven, informed decision-making. Monitor workforce productivity data trends, while reducing costs and optimizing performance.

Correcting Inefficiencies

Save time in correcting inefficiencies. Scopeworker automates worker selection, guides them to first time right and provides live analytics for transparency.

Quality Optimization

Gain a deep and complete analysis of workforce activity to enable an informed business decision execution. Transparency of productivity drives quality optimization.

Automated Scale

Automated scale enables stakeholders to focus on poor productivity.


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