Increase workforce productivity by 30% +

Auto-guide workers through technically intricate tasks

Workforce Management

Engaging the workforce as an IoT end node 

Automated guidance simplifies the intricacies of complex project milestones.  Field workers engage Scopeworker's phone app.  Office workers engage the web interface. Stakeholders track and manage in real time.


Directions & Biometric Security

Augmented Reality Task Guidance with Video Support

Onsite Change Orders (with A.I.)

Acceptance Documentation

Onsite Buyer Acceptance

Augmented Reality Task Guidance (with Video Support)

Step-by-Step Guidance to First Time Right

Improved Quality

Augmented Reality Methods of Procedure (AR MOPs) provide step-by-step work instructions.  Onsite Change Orders automation is aided by IBM Watson Artifical Intelligence.

Easily Customized

Easily customized to the specific scopes of work. The result is a step-by-step guidance of the worker through instructions to expedite completion and deploy to the next site.

Get Live Support Through Built-in Chat and Video

Workers can request live support at any point to help them compete their task. This allows enterprises to consolidate their high-skilled workforce to support the larger pool of lower skilled worker.

Lower Cost Workforce

Enables large scale projects to utilse larger volumes of external lower-skilled, lower-cost workforce while maximizing first time right quality.

Onsite Acceptance

Buyer accepts supplier's deliverable while the worker is onsite

No More Administration 

Intuitively guides the worker to complete the acceptance documentation while on site. Removes all subsequent administrative touch points across al layers and silos of the supply chain.

Onsite Acceptance

Buyer's accept supplier's deliverable while the worker is onsite. Live video acts as a second reference point to the uploaded documentation.

Automated Payment

Upon task acceptance Accounts Receivable and Payable workflows are automated and payment is ready for release. Enterprises may hold payment per payment terms and manual approval if preferred.  If reqired, Scopeworker automates engagement with SAP and Oracle.

Charges For No Fault Found

End-to-end digitization means the cost of an RMA 'No Fault Found' is automatically deducted from the supplier's invoice.

Directions & Biometric Security

Guarantee The Best Market Price with a Market Leader in Bidding Tools

Worker Notification

Upon the procurement module selecting the supplier and worker the worker receives notice of the task with driving directions. Other stakeholders, including clients, have a public URL to check the location of the worker.

Multi-Modal Biometric Security

Scopeworker’s multi-modal biometric security incorporates Facial Biometric Security, Voice Biometric Security (Voiceprint) and geospatial information from GPS or RFID. 

Efficiencies of Automated Scale

The automated scale of security identification for every worker provides quality efficiency. Cost and efficiencies are also gained versus employees making spot check audits.


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