Who We Are

We improve the lives of workers, we automate business efficiencies
An Enterprise B2B SaaS Marketplace

Scopeworker is an enterprise B2B SaaS marketplace. It has been designed by telecom industry experts whom have connected the dots across procurement, management and finance silos as well as buyer, supplier and worker layers. The result is a template for critical infrastructure enterprise to instantly digitalize their end-to-end field services lifecycle. Manual engagement with ERPs for procurement, POs and invoicing is removed or reduced. The automation improves the lives of workers and optimizes business efficiencies.

The Difference Between High Performance & Mediocrity

Intellectual capital is critical to Scopeworker providing innovative solutions and, ultimately, having a positive efficiency impact for buyers, suppliers and workers using the Scopeworker platform. We achieve this with talented people with extraordinary achievements in software, management and academia.  Talented people are the driving force behind all successful organizations. The difference between high performance and mediocrity. We strive for excellence.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our diversity is absolute, for three reasons
For the Company

To achieve excellence, we must have the best people, and the best people are drawn from the broadest pool of applicants. The people we need can be found only by looking across the full spectrum of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, qualified veteran status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

For our People
Ours is a culture of teamwork. For our groups to excel, all members must feel that they are operating in an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports differences, and that encourages input from all perspectives. Our people have the right to expect a workplace in which the richness of their lives and experience is welcomed and valued by their team and by the firm.
For our Clients
Their interests always come first. To continue providing our clients with creative ideas and solutions for operating effectively in a complex global economy, we must be fully capable of dealing with different cultures in an informed and nuanced manner. Experience has shown us that we can best serve our clients’ interests by tapping the insights, talents and judgments of a diverse workforce.



Help us disrupt industry

We have been fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals in the industries we serve and we are always seeking individuals whom are seeking to make a direct impact on the people, businesses and communities we serve.
Students & Graduates
We actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into our graduate programs and entry level positions. Ranging from internships to full-time careers, all of our positions offer an opportunity to learn firsthand about the firm, our culture and the industries in which we specialize. The work you do will have a direct effect on the business and community. At Scopeworker you will make an impact.
Experienced professionals
When recruiting experienced professionals, we look for people with a passion for excellence, a belief in the power of the team, integrity and leadership. We make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job. In a service business, we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best company.

A Meritocracy

Scopeworker is a meritocracy. We believe collaboration, teamwork, and application create the right environment for our people to deliver the best results to our clients and be the best version of themselves. Our values - excellence, integrity and tenacity - serve as the foundation for our culture and as a guide for our day-to-day work and with our clients.  We provide an inclusive work environment, offering performance-based rewards and foster a genuine culture of excellence and over-achievement. So whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional who is excited about the potential of working at Scopeworker we are interested in hearing from you.

A Winning Mentality
Scopeworker is made up of teams working across multiple global offices. Within those teams, everyone has their own areas of expertise, but the overall responsibility for the project is shared. For this to work, all of our people must work flexibly and collaboratively. This creates a flat organizational structure, where everyone’s point of view is valid (even the newest intern) and ideas can come from anywhere. At Scopeworker, everyone has a place at the table. We therefore recruit people whom we believe will thrive in this environment, prioritizing quick thinking, passion, and communication skills. We make a concerted effort to identify and recruit people, who in an addition to exceptional career achievements and academic excellence, have demonstrated a winning mentality in, for instance, collegiate team sports.