All silos.  All of the supply chain.

Instantly digitalize complex supplier field services with low-code, customizable templates

Analytics drive management by exception


An enterprise B2B marketplace for digitalizing critical infrastructure field services

Scopeworker is an enterprise B2B marketplace for critical infrastructure field services.  Customizable templates instantly digitalize the procure-manage-pay life cycle of complex supplier field services.  Across buyer, supplier and worker, Scopeworker seamlessly automates Procurement, Network, Finance, PMO and Quality silos.  The resulting automation creates significant cost, time and quality efficiencies for enterprises.



Innovation through collaboration between software and industry 

Intellectual capital is critical for Scopeworker to create innovative software for industry and, ultimately, digitalize critical infrastructure.  Our team is made up of subject matter experts from critical infrastructure and software engineering.  Each team member has had experienced exceptional achievement in industry, software or academia.  Only through collaboration between software and industry can we create the innovation required to digitalize critical infrastructure.



A flat organizational structure across multiple global offices

Scopeworker is made up of teams working across multiple global offices. Within those teams, everyone has their own areas of expertise but the overall responsibility for the project is shared. For this to work, all of our people must work flexibly and collaboratively. This creates a flat organizational structure, where everyone’s point of view is valid - even the newest intern - and innovation can come from anywhere. At Scopeworker, everyone has a place at the table. 



Seeking exceptional individuals who want to make to make an impact

We make a concerted effort to identify and recruit extraordinary people, who have demonstrated exceptional career achievements and / or academic excellence.  We look for experienced professionals with a passion for excellence, integrity and tenacity.  We also seek PhD graduates from all academic backgrounds into our graduate program.  At Scopeworker you will have a direct impact on some of the world's largest enterprises and society at large.